Say hello to Netweak


Wide compatibility

Netweak works on most linux based distributions, even on your Raspberry Pi or ARM server.

All you need is root SSH access and an internet connection to get started.


Discover the main features of Netweak.

Server monitoring

Monitor your server's resources on a single dashboard, agent installation is automatic and only require a single command.

Website monitoring

Ensure your websites stays up and running, receive Email, SMS, Discord, Slack or webhook alerts if anything goes wrong.

Status pages

Communicate with your users and your teams with status pages. Each page gets it's unique subdomain on (for free).

Hassle-Free (1-Click install)

Our services are very easy to use. We think you shouldn't need to know how to use Grafana to monitor your servers. Get started in a matter of seconds.

Totally FREE while in beta

Access all features of the platform for free while we are in beta and keep a free plan afterwards. You don't need any payment method.

State of the art technologies

The Netweak dashboard is developed with the latest and greatest technologies of the web. Enjoy a delightful and reactive user experience.

We are in private beta!

Contact us if you want free beta access to the platform.

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